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Who are we?

Head tailor Hong Trinh provides hand-tailored, bespoke clothing to clients from Asia and the US. She apprenticed and trained under the tutelage of her father, a master tailor, in Vietnam.

Hong's Custom Tailor makes every piece of clothing with utmost effort. Our dedication to your needs ensures that we deliver quality that you can trust.


Hollywood. Royalty. Your storybook moment awaits you.

You walk into a room and suddenly a hushed silence descends upon everyone. You look around and see that all eyes are on you. “Who could that be? What is she wearing? It fits her beautifully.” They whisper amongst themselves. They see how well your clothes fit your body and how perfectly they suit your posture. When they ask you the all-important question, “Who made your dress?” There is only one answer – Hong’s Custom Tailor.

The moment you step foot inside our doors, you will get your customized personal service, with Hong Trinh herself measuring your statistics. We will be with you for every step of the tailoring process, starting from the pattern based on your photo or idea, to choosing the right fabric.

With Hong’s Custom Tailoring, you don’t have to come in for multiple fittings. Your clothes will be made from your measurements and will be tailored to fit you like a glove.

Your clothes will be made in-house, so we guarantee only superior quality garments that will be ready for pick-up or delivery within one week or less.