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Who are we?

Head tailor Hong Trinh provides hand-tailored, bespoke clothing to clients from Asia and the US. She apprenticed and trained under the tutelage of her father, a master tailor, in Vietnam.

Hong's Custom Tailor makes every piece of clothing with utmost effort. Our dedication to your needs ensures that we deliver quality that you can trust.


How much fabric you need to make my custom tailored clothing?

The amount of fabric we need, depends on your size.  Here are some general guidelines:

Men’s 2-piece suit

  • Sml (36 – 38) – 4 yards
  • Med (40 – 42) – 4-5 yards
  • Large (42-46) – 5 yards
  • Big + Tall (46+) – 5 – 6 yards

Vests – 1 yard

  • Sml (28-32) – 1.5 yards
  • Med (32-36 waist) – 2 yards
  • Big+Tall (50+ waist) – 3 yards


  • Small – 2 yards
  • Medium – 2.5 yards
  • Large – 3 yards

How long will it take to custom tailor my clothes?
It generally takes one (1) week to create most items. However, custom suits may take longer. Shirts, trousers, and vests, have a guaranteed one (1) week tailoring time.

Do you send clothing out somewhere else to get made?
No. Hong’s Custom Tailor does all the work in-house. There are no exceptions. This way, you are guaranteed a personalized service.

Can I bring my own fabric?
Yes, if you have already made your selection. Otherwise, we will direct you to our catalog.

Where do you get your fabric?

Our fabrics are generally acquired from

Are lining fabrics and buttons covered in the price?

Yes. All lining fabrics and buttons are covered in the initial quotation we provide you.

Can I use any design?

Yes. We are able to make garments from any design of your choosing. If you can provide a picture or sketch, bring it with you and we will use it. We also provide catalogues and fashion magazines in-store to help you generate ideas on the design you want.